This project was designed around the tanned deer leather brought in by my client, along with his collection of arrowheads & flints.

 For the top matt we used the rough side of the leather mounted to a matt board, the large arrowhead was cut free-hand as was the accent feather cutout.  The arrowheads and flints were mounted to the smooth side of the leather.  A spacer was used between the two matts to accommodate the different depths of the collection.

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 In the design here,  we also did a free-hand cut of a large arrowhead in the top matt and mounted the arrowheads on the bottom matt with-in the opening area.  Along with the flints and arrowheads in this collection, a hand-forged iron arrowhead, coin, ring and two old photographs were included.





Scrolled frame accents.

Art extended into the frame.

Display your treasures in shadowbox designs.


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